I am currently LFG

I am looking for an active clan on an official PvP server. I am not new to the game and have played to level 60 on a ps4 server. The game lags so bad on a PS4 Pro that I decided to buy it for my PC. So you your clan is active and looking for an active player get back at me.

still LFG? I’m on a US PVP server currently. We have 4 people counting myself at the moment. We don’t really bother anyone unless they bother us. We just like to hang out, farm/build and whatever else.

Add me on Discord: DirtyDave5000#1751

Since you are now on PC, you should see how we REALLY play Conan here! Check out my post and get back or join if it interests you. Good Luck!

I am looking for more feel free to shoot me a message.