I am looking for specific type of server on ps4

I have been playing and enjoying several servers in game. Bugs and fixable issues aside, they have been ok. But for me, the experience i would like is to play the “survival part”. I am looking for a “core” game experience. A server that is close to 1.0 accross the board, where i can be free to unlock, build, and play freely. Meaning i dont want to self restrict myself with rp server rules. I dont care if there are just a few people. There has got to be some folks who want to use the pve official settings and play PvP. I found one official server that does this but it is uk based with heavy EU population. I would like an american version of this server.

So a list of private password protected servers follows. if you know the owners of any of them please ask them to read this post and send me a message

Ghost Exiles
Crimson Tide PVP RP
The Gauntlet

This list will be added to as i see new servers that look fun to play.