I am outraged. Help?

I need help. I was banned and I don’t even know why. How to know if it is temporary or permanent?

I bought all the DLC and now I can’t even play in official.

First time this happens to me.

Find a mirror

Here are the rules for those playing on official servers:

Read them carefully, if you still think that neither you nor your clan members have done anything wrong, you can follow the procedure to appeal.

There are people from my clan who have not been banned. I soon believe that it is not a problem of the clan.

I didn’t do full 50
I didn’t bring down the server
I didn’t live in undermesh
I didn’t practice exploit
I didn’t make any bug
I did not commit racism or sexism although they do against me
I didn’t make any mistakes in conduct
No one from my clan was banned, just me.

I am outraged by this. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Please message @community in a direct message for help with a ban.