I am sick of this game. Why do I bother anymore?

Five years. I haven’t upgraded the weapon on my main character for five, miserable, ■■■■■■■■■ years. An upgrade drops for me tonight, one I need that will actually reward me for all the effort and miserable grinding, sketchy raid invites that no one can communicate properly, and the OTHER PERSON gets it.

I just snapped. At this point, I want to delete my character and play another one. It’s cursed. I damn well know it is. Because no matter what, any gear drop that drops for me I. NEVER. WIN. Not on gear, nothing. Just currency pots no one else wants, that’s it. Nothing anyone else rolls on, I get. But anything I ever actually genuinely need as a person who has grounded for hours, years on my main? Nothing. I never win against someone else’s roll.

You can call it “coincidence” or whatever fairy tale crap you think it is. But if there is one thing I know about probability factor, and pattern recognition, once is bad luck, twice is very bad luck, and more than 8 times is just a sign something is obviously wrong.

There’s an old wives tale that characters have a set “luck rate” at creation that never changes.

Not sure if it’s true but over the years it certainly felt true.

Sorry about your luck. Now you know why Age of Conan pve is just bad and not fun. :man_shrugging:

Have you spent that grinding time on the Kuth and SG weapon combos?

I assume you’re talking about T6 weapons, since all the others can be bought. As far as I know most T6 raid forces are pretty much a stable group of people, and (at least in my experience) if they know that someone is struggling for a long time to get a specific weapon, usually when it drops, it’s given directly to that person. Isn’t that the case? :thinking:

Thats how I felt before using AoC and EEWA (?) Get those and I bet will put U back into a challenging spot.

I think you are referring to Conan Exiles. This part of the forums is for the Age of Conan mmorpg.