I Ate a Bee, a thrice-weekly in-character Let's Play!

Hello there! Me and a friend have been doing a project since October where we play the game and record us talking in-character. We also have our own personal story going parallel to the actual game plot.

I can’t create links though…


You will soon. Just some “new user” restrictions.

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New episode of I Ate a Bee is up! Today, Sark misunderstands the Peacock King, and I mistake the words Wand and Ward

Stampede274 on Youtube, since I still can’t post bloody links.

I think you just need to make some more posts to get your permission level to upgrade and allow links.

Here is a link to your video for anyone that wants to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRtWCrz2JWU

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