I can no longer enter official ps4 servers because changes settings

Prior to the announcement there was no maximum ping limit to enter the official servers. Now you check all servers that will be migrated with a maximum ping limit to enter. Are you going to remove the team from that ping limit or will I actually lose the right to select as the things I have on a lot of the transferred servers for the change that had no ping limit on official servers. Platform ps4 servers that I can no longer enter because unfortunately my connection is not so good it was but before there was no limit to enter 3971, 3995.

I had the same issue. Max ping restriction changed over night. I was on server 3138 PVP and not i cant log in. I am from South Africa and the only way i can play is on a 180ping. Not after the change last night to max ping, i can play. I am so upset about this, a year of playing and now i lose all my efforts.

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