I can not learn how to raise pets

No talent appears in any game window. I’ve already looked at various places and asked other players about this, and really whoever starts a new game alone does not appear to learn. I always started doing the pets to defend my base, but now there’s no way to learn.

Well, you see, when a male exile finds a female exile, hanging out behind the alley near a tavern…

I’m at level 60. This bug started after att. So who started new game alone, (did not look at servers) can not learn how to raise pets

Just to confirm. Which feat are you looking for and what page are you searching it at? I am unsure if can post a screenshot but would be helpful. Furthermore have you verified the integrity of your game files. There were quite a few patches in the last couple of days. And the standard question, do you have any mods installed?

I researched the survival tab, where it was before the update. But neither the survival tab nor the search tab shows the corral or even how to learn. Before you ask, only those who have a new map happen, I already asked other players. I have already checked files and only have one mod installed that I have already retired to see if anything changes.

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