I can not recover my belongings for dying in the water

My body has disappeared under the water

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [Europe]
I was collecting algae and plants when I accidentally ran out of oxygen and resistance, and had little life. As I ran for my body, I could not find it anywhere, even at the same point where the map indicates.

Any advice? I don’t see my body.

Repro steps:
1.Die on the water
2.Back to live again and run toward the corpse
3.Never found it.

It just happened with me right now so I came here to post this issue as well and then I saw this post.

So, I was fighting close to the water and I tried to runaway after I mobbed many enemies, but the archers killed me when I was swimming. I came back to the location that I died, but I couldn’t find my body under the water or even close on the shore.

That was the third time that I couldn’t recover my body because of ‘bugs’. The last time was the wall of death.

It’s really frustrating playing a release game with that amount of issues, as if worrying about the survival feature wasn’t enough I still have to worry about the unexpected issues that happen all the time.

After it happened I searched it on Google and I found that issue reported on February 2017. One year later and it is still happening. I’m losing my hope with the game.

I’ve had my corpse disappear several times now. Usually it will appear about an in-game day or so later. Try waiting a bit and check the spot again.

Sometimes I come back in case I find my belongings but they disappeared already, I have assumed :frowning: