I can`t craft anything

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Bug Description:

I can´t craft anything, When I open to craft something, there is nothing to craft

Installed Mods:

Level 250 Mod

Conan Exiles

Suscrito el 12 NOV 2021 a las 17:17

Última actualización: 13 OCT 2021 a las 14:42



Conan Exiles

Suscrito el 12 NOV 2021 a las 13:37

Última actualización: 10 DIC 2021 a las 19:49


Catch and Carry

Conan Exiles

Suscrito el 2 NOV 2021 a las 20:11

Última actualización: 21 SEP 2021 a las 10:50


Aquilonian Passion Body

Conan Exiles

Suscrito el 2 NOV 2021 a las 19:53

Última actualización: 26 ENE a las 18:22


High Heels System 3.2.4

Conan Exiles

Suscrito el 19 AGO 2021 a las 17:44

Última actualización: 26 ENE a las 19:31


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Here I have nothing to say, I don`t know.

Turn off your filters.

If you can see, the frist one is a wepon carft table, Do you see any weapon?

Do you have the Jewel of the West DLC? You have the Joya del oeste filter turned on.

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I don´t have the DLC. I see about you mean.

Thank you very much, I`m foolish, that was :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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