I cannot create new account. Plz help. I ll send u my feet pics if u do

Hello support team,
when i try to create account in AO online through your web page i get this message:
A Error occured while attempting to create your account.
I tried different emails/passwords/nicknames and i dont use any vpns.

Please help, I want to play ur game. I dont have any account in this game plz UwU.

14 Days later and still cannot create new accounts? Why was the wording “may experience an error” when you know its completely down. It feels like this is intentional to try to kill this game off at this point.

In the world of computing this is considered a critical error, and yet it takes now over 2 weeks to fix. Whip that leet faster and harder!

so…i guess me and my friend simply won’t be able to play this game then. because it looks like this probably has been a thing since april 28, if not further back, and is STILL unresolved.

guess funcom doesn’t want new players in this game now, huh?

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no it’s not. I’m having the same issue today 2023/6/19
I created forum account without any problems,
but account.anarchy-online signup
shows “Email address is not valid

(tested with both chrome and firefox)

Are you using a gmx.de mail address maybe? Other people have reported problems with that too. Maybe try a gmail.com address if you have one?

it was @yahoo.com

I tried registering with my yahoo.com email address and it kept failing “Email address is not valid” after I clicked create account. I even specified an existing account and had the same error. Finally, I tried my gmail.com email address and it worked.

Last Fall, I was able to use my yahoo.com email but remember having trouble until I got it to work. I’m going to try a few things to see how I overcame it last fall.

Just so you know you are not alone with this problem.

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I was able to change the existing account from my gmail account to my yahoo email account.
I had to wait to do this because of funcoms blocking of IP Addresses after so many login attempts into the AO account page.