I can't buy the dlc

Or more accurately, i can’t allow myself to spend any more money on this game until the glaring array of bugs are worked out.

I appreciate that this was always going to be the plan, release the game and then follow up with some discount sales and dlc. I’m just struggling to keep faith at the moment, as every time updates occur it feels like more problems arise. Recently I’ve lost the ability to knock out thralls, archery has basically stopped working, orbs have vanished, I’m having to reset my attributes whenever i log in and a host of other things. This idea of pushing dlc and asking for more money while being let down on the actual playability of the game is kinda crappy.

I appreciate bugfixing is complex and time consuming, but it’s becoming harder and harder to support this game at the moment.

For what it’s worth, I’m playing on xbox in pve.

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I am on board with You with same feelings. It is a pity, but so far it looks like nothing will change.

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