I can't download my player

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Bug Description:

I played in Siptah and when I beat everything I uploaded my player to the cloud, I uninstalled the game, and now I want to start in exile with my cloud player, but it won’t let me download it in the same game mode that I created it in Siptah, PVE CONFLICT, can you help me?

Jugué en Siptah y cuando derroté a todo subí mi jugador a la nube, desinstalé el juego, y ahora quiero empezar en el exilio con mi jugador de la nube, pero no me deja descargarlo en el mismo modo de juego que lo creé en Siptah, PVE CONFLICTO, me podéis ayudar?

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Server transfers are temporarily disabled. There has been no announcement as to when it will be re-enabled, but I suspect it will be sometime around the same time as 3.0 gets released, perhaps later. You can always create a new character in the meantime. Happy hunting.

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Starting from 0 is crazy, I have many skills learned from winning in Siptah pools, it took me a long time to get that, before I will uninstall the game since I don’t think it’s my fault, but FUNCOM for creating transfers and then canceling them

Empezar de 0 es una locura, yo tengo muchos dotes aprendidos de ganar en las piscinas de Siptah, me llevó mucho tiempo para conseguir eso, antes desinstalaré el juego ya que no pienso que sea culpa mia, sino de FUNCOM por crear transferencias y luego cancelarlas

I understand, what you do is up to you. However, Funcom only disabled transfers temporarily until they could fix a problem with people getting their characters stuck in limbo. You will eventually get your character back, and in the meantime, if you want to still play Conan, you will have to create a new character. It sucks, but it’s not the end of the world. :wink:

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