I can't finish The Experiment

I don’t have any samples to inject into the zombies. Pausing and retaking the mission does not seem to do anything. Is there somewhere I can get more samples?

If you paused the mission on tier 2 you will be unable to complete it by yourself.

The good news is that quest progress is shared between group members, so you can tag along with a friend and get credit for the zombie injections as long as you make sure that you’re on the right step of the quest before they start using their samples on tier 2.


I haven’t gotten stuck in that specific mission, but for Fatal Framing that suffers from a similar bug, the progress isn’t shared, so in case grouping doesn’t work, you can /petition to submit a ticket to fix it ingame, it will take some time, but will get fixed eventually


Ahh I see, thank you!

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