I cant get of this zone

The game didn’t record that the enemies were all dead, so I am still in combat. There no enemies around, they’re all dead I think is something with the interaction with the boss of the area. This happens at " The castle of Light" after I start the fight I didn’t let Lux talk or start the fight after I defeat all of the enemies I save manually and went to pick up the chest and its when the bug happens I try to manually load my save but bot the autosave and my manual save were only 1 minute apart and in both I was stuck.

i have a video but i don’t know how to put the video here

I also had a choice taken away from me after I got the Lux key. Walking back into the Castle tile the game just automatically gave the dude the key back even as the dialog was telling me I could decide not to give him the key.

Don’t tell me I can do something and not give me the option to do this.

I try a couple of thing but what end up working was to trow a granade to the people on the bikes , dont know how but that put me out of combat