I can't start the process of production or taming

Hi on my Xbox one for some time I couldn’t start the process of cooking, taming slaves or anything that needs you to press that play button in the window. I thought it would be fixed with new update and I forgot about it. I didn’t play for some time and wanted to see what’s new I started the game. After the initial process of installing an update of the game I was greeted with data synchronisation problem but it got fixed. I loaded the last game and I noticed I can’t tame the slave I caught. So I tried to catch another it didn’t work either, so I went to the smelter(English is my second language I’m not sure it’s a correct term) and tried to get some iron ingots( again not sure of the term) and I couldn’t do anything ( I got coal for the process). Every process where you need to press the play button in the “station” window cannot be started because I can’t press it, I can’t even point on it like the game doesn’t see it at all. I reinstalled the game and that didn’t fix my problem. Can anybody suggest what to do thanks in advance.

You probably need this post moved to what ever game it applies to, it doesn’t apply to AO (Anarchy Online.) Which is were you have posted it.

Thanks didn’t see that

Use the left trigger to turn your stations on.

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Thanks it’s working.

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