I choose to give up。Good-bye, Conan

I’m breaking down all the time. I can’t take it anymore. This is more than I can bear. And so farewell.
pc 1361 pvp
Every day, every hour, all the time。ping1020

you should give private servers a go, they are there for a reason :slight_smile:


Ive never even played on officials just because I assumed theyd be just as bad as Ark officials. Everyday Im on this forum I am happier that I never did.


pings and the new roll, thralls standing still, horse mechanics are weird, just …i miss the old conan. standing down for a bit might help, i know i am taking a break.

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Having played on both, I’d say that Ark officials are worse.

Still not a fan of Conan officials either though.


I play on an official pvp, with @Barnes both of us had issues with high ping
he called g-portal, and they said it was net congestion at two of the city hubs our data packets pass through. It lasted a few days then returned to normal.

I’m not saying it’s the same problem, but it could be. Maybe take a few day’s off, then try again.
or try a different server in a different region. The battlemetrics web site can tell you how far away a server is from your location.


Quick plug for US 1742 PvP

Someday I’ll get back on there lol

:looks out wistfully at the setting sun:

Some-WHEERE ouuuut there …

I dont see a mouse… which begs the question of why arent rats in the exiled lands?

You see the size of that cat, mate? :tiger: If mice exist, they better scat… or they be scat.

Would be neat though, mice and birds. That might actually bring people back. #segue

There’s some vultures… I sometimes hunt them for a distraction but having more stuff buzzing about could be interesting… we have bees anyway…

Oh and I thought for sure you would respond to the American Tale reference…

C’mon now, my toon’s Fievel is clearly out of the mouse house, if you catch my drift. :pogchamp:

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Hey @whoareignored

It’s sad to see you go and we hope you find what you’re looking for in your future gaming endeavors.
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