I Constantly Appear in the Game on Steam, So I Can't Run the Game?

Hi. Yesterday I left the game, I slept, I woke up, now I want to enter the game, but it says “In the game”, I say exit the game does not come out. When closing Steam, it says that the game will be exited or something, I say okay and close it, but when I open it again, it still appears in the game. I turn off and turn on the computer, the problem is not solved. I couldn’t find the game in the Task Manager, something I need to close might be working, but what?

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When you turned off the computer, did you shutdown, or just sleep? If sleep…
Did you click anything in-game that might have used your browser? Steam has a tendency to hook into browsers when that happens, sometimes, and will assume it’s part of the game until the browser is closed, too. (Particularly for games that use launchers, as it needs to assume that whatever the launcher launched was the game.) Try killing your browser.

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