I could make this a "Share Your Shelter" post but

She made feel that is not my shelter. :rofl:

But this one really takes the crown. I use GPT to aid me writting content, and I did not really read the text before pasting the JSON and testing the dialogue … I chuckled…


A little hint, judging by the output I would suggest running your prompts through the moderation api to avoid unnecessary flagging/account banning as GPT has pretty strict usage policies.

PS: I see your more reliable tensor flow libraries didn’t seem to last long once you discovered GPT :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And acid comments are often wrong.

I still use both GPT and what I call “LibSource” (the name of the code I put in Unreal, Web or apps).

And you are correct, GPT has a strict policy, and that is why I never give up the in house development. IF you have a developer mind, you know that GPT does not know what it is talking about, so it cant trigger filters unless the specific words are said. So if my system uses the power of GPT to translate natural language to formats like JSON, I can simply use code language to say whatever I want to say, and use a library to simple create from that the kind of talk I Want it to talk without using GPT to trigger any guidelines violation. However the main reason I removed the direct link of GPT from the Mod wasnt the content worries or the effectivness of anything, it was the simple fact that external processing could hinder other aspects of the mod. So I changed to use a “pre rendered” set of code which I do ask GPT to make. (You can even see the trained version now in http://sensha.esav.app.br/, which is a version of my discord bot trained in a GPT ).
The discord bot itself shares with the website the processing system I use in the mod. And I am now in the process of expanding the use of a database driven dialogue system testing on the prototype of the mod I have locally here.
While I do like “Law and Order”, I dont really think the moderation style of GPT serves its own ends. For example, if you ask dalle to make a picture of a woman, it will in general make a big titty gal. But you cant ask it to “go easy on the boobs” because then you will be “violating the code of conduct”. While I think it is a wonderful AI, I also dont really think the human factor in there is pretty smart. But I know they have a community to think about, and that community is not easy to handle when it comes to ass and ■■■■■■■, so I just do my thing and use what I have the way I can.

You are correct, GPT does do filtering on the prompts, but you still get flagged and eventually banned if you send prompts that trigger the filter.

And about “And acid comments are often wrong.”, well in this case they are right and were helpful, but you do you I’ll leave you too it.

And that again an acid comment that does not address what it was commented on. What I said is that I dont need a triggering prompt to make MY SYSTEM present anything I want.
So your comment is completely out of context.

Again, judging from the GPT response about mistresses and people being more available then others, I would say my original comment still stands true and is useful, you probably are getting flagged even if you’re getting a response.

PS: at least I posted something that was helpful, I didn’t come in your topic posting useless messages trying to look smart… :thinking:

It does not. I can make MY SYSTEM answer even things that OBVIOUSLY would get me banned from GPT it if was aware of the content. But again, why you still not getting how irrelevant it is: I USE GPT SYSTEM, NOT GPT CONTENT.

It seems pretty hard for you to understand that what you saying has nothing to do with what I am doing.

Start from knowing what GPT really is. GPT people use indiscriminately to refer to many different things, so they confuse them all.

ChatGPT is a specific implementation of GPT from OpenAI to use directly or use as a singular API that you send Messages, or System Messages and it gives you responses. It is different from engines of broader use like Babage, or others they had before. Even the GPT engine itself is not “Chat GPT” only, but ChatGPT is one use of GPT.

GPT by itself is G enerative P re-trained T ransformer, which is a type of Large Language Model, which is not “censored” or “trained”, instead, A INSTANCE OF GPT might be trained, or censored. GPT by itself does nothing without training and data.

So if you are using CHATGPT you are subject to everything. If you are using a model of GPT, you are responsible for its use, so you can pretty much program it to do whatever you want.

If you are hosting your GPT within OpenAI system you are subject of their agreements and stuff. If you are not, it is your problem.

I use the OpenAI GPT to generate the models and overall programing for my GPT, then in the machine I have here which I can just look right and see, I have a whole GPT model that can be fed that and generate whatever I want. If I wanted to make a bot that would be banned even from Reddit by saying the most absurd things, I could.

Again, that would be simply understood by reading the ■■■■■■■■ post:

When I post something in a public forum it is not MY TOPIC, and I am ready to engange with any response without having to be bitter about what people say when I cant argue and try to BE SMART in their topics. What I said in yours was a simple response, you were the one to start and argument.

Firstly, I wasn’t arguing.
Secondly, I never mentioned “ChatGPT” and referred to “GPT” as they offer multiple API’s.
Thirdly, you never actually stated you were using an offline model until your last message, I was under the impression you were using one of OpenAI’s API’s which are all bound by OpenAI’s regulations.

And lastly, save your time trying to educate me, it’s not needed.

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Every time just cannot help myself from hiring a full set of workforce from Sepermeru. GJ :rofl: