I deleted over 100 thralls and the server got worse

All jokes aside, since the update, the server lag has been worse than ever, and the NPCs keep stuttering thru my blocks and hitting me in the back.
I actually deleted over 100 thralls in the last few days and my neighbor deleted his entire horse and bug herd, over 50 in a small area, so why isn’t it improving?

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I usually play on Xbox one x. After the updates. I noticed a slight lag. Way worse now with the latest update.
Today after a long time I logged into my Ps4 to play (so long my Thralls decayed)…when I started playing on official last year it was nice and smooth. Everything loaded.
Today I’m fighting invisible enemy’s. The back ground is all white. Running into invisble camps without even knowing. Poof dead. It’s just as bad as playing it on my original Xbox one.

I feel they keep stepping back.

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