I didn´t want 1 month premium

I received this morning an e-mail from Paypal that told me I paid today 10´99 euros for 1 month premium, but the fact is that I didn´t want this service and I didn´t request it in any moment, so I don´t know why you make to pay for this.
Maybe it is a problem with the service or I don´t know, maybe it is because a failed try using Paypal to have 1 month premium four years ago that I finally paid with my visa, and it was in pending status, but if this is the case, why now??
Please, I didn´t want to buy this, can you cancel it and give me back my money?


PS: My user name is acemaster77 too.

You need to send the Customer Support an EMail, they can (probably) fix this.

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I did it twice yesterday, and they haven´t said anything yet.
I´m going to wait this entire week for a response…

Unless you remove your payment info after paying for points/sub time, your sub will auto renew until you manually cancel it, or remove your payment info.

Then I think i can´t change it, because I don´t see the option to remove it. Well, for 10´99 I won´t get mad, at least I quit any payment option in my AoC account and in paypal for this, so I hope it won´t happen again.

Anyway, thanks. :slight_smile:

You will not wait a week for a reply from us. As soon as we can get to your email, we will reply and we’ll be happy to assist you with fixing this issue.

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Thanks, I´ll wait your email then. :slight_smile:

It´s fixed, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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