I died while i was offline

I died while i was offline? i lost all my stuff on me and in bags a days worth of progress so thanks for that…

server pvp 1092 official

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Your body doesn’t disappear when you log off, so you can get mugged if you fail to log out somewhere safe.

sorry i forgot to add that i was in my base i was safe.

Did the event log mention anything about cause of death?


I’ve seen allot of people who assumed they were safe in their base,
be killed by gas arrows or orbs, or the base was not as safe as they thought.

Letting us know what the event log said happened would help us help you.
If it truly was a glitch we will tell you how and where to report it.

But if it was another player or the environment, it wasn’t a glitch.
We could still help by explaining how to avoid those situations.


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. As suggested above, please share a screenshot of the event log so we can better assist you.

We hope to hear back from you!

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