I don't know if it is worth rebuilding

Well I had a decent t2 base nothing fancy had about 20 thralls guarding it still a single offline raider climbed my walls killed all my thralls then used explosives to destroy break in and destroy all my crafting tables and stores

I have very little incentive to rebuild pretty well seen all this game has to offer.

Building a base is useless too easy to destroy with explosive
Unless you want to stand guard duty 8hrs 7days a week

Thralls are useless the don’t defend your base even if well equipped with weapons and Armour

Equipping stuff is unless somebody will kill you if you are offline…they even did it through a wall with explosives did not damage the wall but killed me

Seen all the bio’s in the world beat some bosses solo no challenge from PVP

Archery is useless and all you need is a good spear for melee weapon
Heavy armor is useless weighs too much for the benefit

NPC no trade most are just hostile to you

No trade of coop between tribes…not lager enough and resources are too easy to get

This game needs alot more content…not just DLC cosmetics


I agee. I am hopeful however that with some fine tuning the game will become fun and interesting because the base for a good game is there.

In the current state of the game there is no reason to build anything of value. Thrall and walls won’t pr isotect your stuff from a purge or players. Thrall pretty much, they won’t do anything. They’re also making it a requirement to feed them, but why even bother equipping them and feeding them if they are USELESS? You can get by fine with t2 alchemists and blacksmith

Lastly, purge is boring and uneventful and mostly happens when you aren’t there

Even this forum is poorly designed, can’t even get the post button to work on my phone


Well nearly everything you said is wrong. Let me adress it point by point.

Depening on how you build your base purges can’t attack you at all.

Thrall AI is totally messed up at the moment granted, but the issue is being worked on and since they were useful, even as raid defense, it will surly get back to that point.

Making them required to being fed is just exaggerated by all of those forum dummies around who like to cry for the matter of crying even before anything is solid. The only Thralls who will be need to be fed are the ones following you or staying out in the open. Thralls at workstations and in your base stay the same as they are now.

T2 Thralls being enough? Well if you have nothing to do and shine at grinding T2 will suffice but i prefer more interesting stuff to do while playing. The ressource reduction of T4 Thralls is an absolute must have.

Don’t get me wrong i think Conan is so full of bugs it is a disgrace and since i know Funcom for a very long time, i’m sure too many of them will never be fixed.

P.S. We need more content

Wrong. That was a misunderstanding on the part of our good community rep, and has been retracted. The only thralls who won’t need feeding are crafter thralls, because they’re for all intents and purposes not thralls at all, they’re just a piece of furniture.

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