I few questions about the game

Hi, I recently started playing connan exiles and noticed this game.
So I wanted to ask since it’s an MMO:

  1. Are there micro transactions?
  2. Is the membership needed/annoying like gives a really unfair advantage or just limits your comfort ability with something like movement speed or bag slot?
  3. Are there expansions?
    4**. Can I solo the entire content?**
  4. Does it run smoothly?
  5. Are there a lot of players for PvE? Are there raids? Can I solo em?
  6. Fun factor?
  1. There is an item shop, it got some powerful but overpriced stuff but you really don’t need these items, I never bought anything there besides 2 expansions.
  2. Nowdays, membership isn’t really needed anymore, it makes you gain EXP and raid relics a little faster, get 1 free AA point per level and unlock all character slots (since you will start new it wont really matter to you since you don’t have +5 level 80 characters) but other than that there is not much it offers.
  3. There are 4 expansions, Rise of the Godslayer, Turan, Vanaheim and Dragon’s Spine. If you want to know more about each expansion, I wrote a guide on them to show what you get and so on though it more likely starts to matter once you are level 80 so you don’t need to buy them right away: Information Thread for beginners! What you should know about Expansions, AA stuff, gear and so on
  4. The game runs smoothly nowdays most of the time though even with powerful machines it sometimes stutters (badly optimized, nothing you can do)
  5. PVE got thr biggest population so yeah, you can join lots of guild, run dungeons and raids. There are solo dungeon and group dungeons which require up to 6 people, raids are always supposed to be done by 24 people. If you want the best gear you will need to group up with other people.
  6. Depends, I can’t tell if YOU will have fun, I personally enjoy the game even after 9 years of playing because I like the lore (compared to Exiles the amount of lore here is insane), the classes and most other things.

(I would write more but I can’t right now, also, I am using my phone right now which makes writing a pain in the a##)

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What were the solo dungeons?? I remember something like that being mentioned s few times by my friends.

  1. There are, but to be fair they are mostly boosts, inventory, banks or lootboxes. Nothing that can’t be earned in game, except lootboxes.
  2. Nah, just double gain in everything, loyalty rewards, no gold cap (normally 10g cap) and chat unlock (because without membership, or at least without first purchase of one, you can only talk and see in New Player Chat, so yeah…) or did they remove that,
  3. 4 and yes u can solo. Except most dungeons and raids. Game is good so worth buying 3/4 expa. Slayer, Turan and spine.
  4. Varies. I usually have to restart pc to avoid fps drops etc. But then everything runs smoothly, however much it can run considering I don’t have super pc. I recommend at least to have character models on highest quality. And use dx10 in settings.
  5. Yes, yes, no.
    Raids are never solo content. You probably can do t1 with t4/5+ gear
  6. The important thing is not to join the pvp server, it’s dead. Current Saga by now, for you will be a waste. Saga server up right now is pvp based so a lot of grieving will happen. Join Crom server and there search for a guild and sometimes they also offer boosting if lucky enough. The fun part is gathering vanity gear to wear and building your own sets. Sometimes running dungeons as well…crap there’s a lot of fun stuff.
    If you really want, join Darkwind guild. I’m member of it and people there are awesome. They even take low tier lvl 80 players for t6 so I’m sure you will find it great there.

I have to add my opinion on number 4: framerate drops significantly the more players or npcs are on screen with names, details and levels over them (3d font) and with all particles on. For big pvp fights and pve raids, you have to limit particles to myself only and, if you disable names, details and levels over players (healthbars don’t really affect fps), you will get better fps too. I’m talking fps dropping under 20 if you don’t perform these adjustments.

Also, the game will crash often when run in fullscreen mode (bb gsync), but I rarely get any crashes in borderless / windowed fullscreen.

I run fullscreen, never crashed once. It might be so if you have all settings on ultra.

I’ve never noticed any difference in terms of framerate whether I have everything on Low or High (or maxed out). The biggest difference is what I mentioned in the other post. But maybe you are right and some settings do trigger the crashes.

Dead Man’s Hand, Isle of Iron Statues, The Breach, The forgotten City and The Refuge of the Apostate and basically the whole Vanaheim expansion are solo dungeons where you can get daily rare trophies for epic khitai gear (Amount depends on wether you beat the HM version or not).
There are some more like the Villas but they are used for leveling.

  1. There is an in game store, but as others have said you don’t really need to use it. I’ve never had to.

  2. Having a sub will give you extra XP and the extra AA point each time you level up. Neither are really deal breakers as F2p / Premium players can build up ‘little points’ via kills to earn AA points too. In addittion everyone gets AA points via the daily log in bonus. In case you don’t know AA points allow you some customization over your characters strengths and attacks. Yes the VIP player will gain more, but not such that F2p players can’t compete.

  3. There is 1 expansion: Rise of the Godslayer a lvl 80+ zone, and there are 3 Adventure packs; Turan a lvl 50-55 zone that is very nice as an alt leveling area for those levels, Vanhiem a not so good pack but it levels with you starting at lvl 20 and some have used it to level to 80 without even entering the rest of the game, and Dragonspine a lvl 80+ zone.

  4. I’ve made it to lvl 80 multiple times 99.9% soloing. I’ve grouped in the starter zone to kill one of the bosses and to do an escort mission but those were more convenience, not mandatory as I could (and have) done them solo, and I’ve done 1 or 2 group dragons in the 70-80 range. You can solo what you want all the way up to lvl 80 but you will miss most dungeons. One of the nice things about dungeons is they have 2 settings, you can do them on level or later one above level. Oh there are two ‘mandatory’ quest that has to be done grouped. One was originally the lead in / intro to the Godslayer Expansion. You don’t have to do it, but most do and it’s probably one of the easier one’s to get a group for. The other is given by Conan to kill a Dragon and that one comes up quite often too as everyone does it.

  5. With my older computer I had to keep the graphics at med to get acceptable FPS to play, now that it’s more up to date I’m still running on Med just because it seems to be smoother for me. Lag and Rubber Banding still exist in the game so I think everyone gets to enjoy those from time to time.

  6. PvE is where the bulk of the pop is at, but as an older game the pop tends to be heavier on the high level side. The starter island’s pop varies from empty to decent, just depends.

  7. There are raids and players can convert dungeon groups into raids. Generally you can’t solo them even as a lvl 80, but there are solo dungeons; Slaughter House is one, some guys house in Old Tant is another.

** Once in game you can open a quick travel panel and one of the sub-set’s lists all the solo dungeons. (Garrus-N7 - here’s your answer too).

  1. Fun factor: I find the game to be totally unlike any other I’ve played. It’s rated Mature for the gore and content and if you’ve read any of the Conan books you’ll see it keeps pretty close to the world Howard created.

Another solo dungeon for 80’s (not rare trophies tho) is Slaughterhouse cellar… Everyone forgets about that place lol.

As I said, there are others like the Villas (Attillius’ Villa for example) but other than getting trash loot to sell (obsidian eggs) from there they are kind of… useless on level 80.

Thank you all for the awnsers.

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