I forget why the number of equipment slots can’t be increased

This is something that has bugged me for a year now. Why can’t we get equipment slots for cloaks/backpacks, amulets, rings and belts?

Cus those things don’t exist.

Capes are so passe


Well those things don’t exist because there are no slots for them.

Even if you are an anti caper you’ve got to see some potential in backpacks, back quivers and the like.

This is backwards. There are no slots because there is no need for them. A developer isn’t going to create a space just so they have to create objects to put into it. That is not to say if they add those things, they will not add a trinkets slot later.

Been no need really, more gear means more balancing… (if its got stats anyway)

I’d be happy with jewelry slots, rare chance get gem from stone/iron node etc. Then your just adding more stuff to a game…

I’d love backpacks, or sacs etc for extra 50-100 kg/pounds of loot. (for back or belt whatever) instead of headslot. (bear pack is kinda in way, since we dont have any zoom in or out option on ps4)

While i would like to have a cape for my character (more a cloak) i dont think its needed really…

Rings, amulets, belt etc. would encourage making “magical” versions of those items, and such items are less common in the Conan universe than they tend to be in your generic high fantasy computer game. Yes, magical talismans, rings etc. exist in the original Conan stories, and Conan himself acquires a belt that protects against magic in People of the Black Circle, but there are no “Rings of Protection +1” or similar stuff. Each magical item Conan came across was unique and special.

I guess we could have cosmetic cloaks, backpacks, belts and jewelry. It’d be nice, but the game hardly needs them.

Agree’d, we don’t really “need” them.

Thou, I think Belt slot would be nice. But how I vision it…is do to how I picture “patched dream version” is…lol.

On one side, i want belt with little glow plant trinket that light up super dinky light. (for climbing in dark…) or maybe head lamp… but head lamp would look weird. (to me)

In my dream version of game, belt and straps around shoulder hold primary and sub weapons…
When you start game naked, you make a course belt…or don’t. Belt holds your weapon at your side, otherwise gotta hold 24/7, or keep it in quick slot.

Jewelry wise… I would go with non magic, of sorts. You make embedding them with demon blood or via Gods altar a lv50-60 thing. Till then, a copper ring is just a copper ring… +1 def, for lolz.
Were also in home land of triumvirate(spell check fail), you kinda expect to find some rare ones. they dont have be game breaking “legendary” +1 in agility or some sad bonus.

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