I got charge 2 Months

I got charge 2 months of subscription in Age of Conan account Yet I only got one months worth of service. Currently I already payed another months that one went fine. Please Help.

Are they automatically charging you? I didn’t see the option while paying for my month. I want to make sure and take pictures either way to send to my bank if they try that crap on me

If you dont want another month you have to unsubscribe. Here https://register.ageofconan.com/account, click on Change Membership Type ----> Cancel my Account. You will still have the subscriber benefits for the time you payed.

Is not about unsubscribe ability. I knew that post make some confused. Is about I click twice by mistake to buy a sub and it took. meaning 2 months were charge but after one months it did not give credit for second months I miss click on. so double charge but yet only one months credit. was my mistake but still payed 2 months yet only one was giving. I do want sub and not worried about paying months to months in auto.