I had paid premium days left, but my account switched to free

My account page at account.ageofconan(dot com) said “Membership valid until 2023-05-20”, but when I logged in on 2023-05-18, all my characters are locked, the 10G limit is in effect, there’s an ‘Upgrade to Premium’ button on the character select screen, etc.

Also, my payment history shows that I paid for a 30-day subscription on 2023-04-20.

But…I paid for 30 days, and only got 28.

I’ve heard of people saying it took a long time for their subscription to start after they paid, but I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone getting cut short before.

Sure it said 5-20? Because if you paid on 4-20 30 days later is 5-18.

It definitely said 5-20…I wish I had a screenshot or something, but I don’t think I do.

But, 5-20 and 5-18 are both wrong…30 days later would be 5-19: 11 days in April (20-30), plus 19 days in May (1-19).

But it still ended early - I was actually being generous, because everything got locked before the end of 5-17 in my local time. Even allowing for time zone differences, it shouldn’t have ended that early (and even by Oslo time it should have still been active as I type this).

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