I have a biome question

Does anyone know if there will be a snow biome? I’ve watched the trailer and everything Funcom’s put out for IoS but so far nothing has shown the whole map.

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if you watch livestream there are screenshots of island from the clouds, edit: there

If it is an island, then it can not touch the old map. Unless its an isthmus or peninsula. So the “Isle” is misleading

I don’t doubt your assessment of the Island size.
However I would like to point out ,

Greenland is an Island 2,130,800 km
New Guinea 785,783 km
Great Breton 80,823 km

Conan Exiles Base game Map approximation 570 km


I am interested in this too and from what I’ve seen it looks to be a 1 biome island, I’m guessing temperate climate like in the green part of the north in base map, could be wrong though… We will know on Tuesday :slight_smile:

that I can tell you
shores are cold inland is bit more neutral, there are some heatspots of course, but not spacious
and there are very cold places too

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