I have a few idea's that make the game beter for me

Shared clan beds and a option what bed to spawn on, i would also like a raft or cano’s i want animal to lvl up aswel and i want to spent atribute points on them, i would also like to see mounts and siege mounts i also want a fishing Rod i would also like to see servers beeing added monthly so evry1 can have a fair chance ad beeing the alpha

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Uhuh… Well, some of this sounds cool. But lets start with whats not (IMO).

  • like to see servers being added monthly so evry1 can have a fair chance ad beeing the alpha.
    This isnt Ark, The “alpha” tribe cant bounce around when they get scared from server to server. A handful of explosives solo or in a clan later and your server “alpha” is popcorning their mats and starting over from scratch. More servers is just wasted money unless their are state specific servers like RP or something new that we dont already have.

  • Shared beds, rafts, tame levels and fishing rods.

  1. I’m 100% convinced you just came from ARk. Which isnt bad, Ark is a great game; Shared beds with multiple spawn locations sounds great.

  2. Fishing rods im not a fan of because they a) mean you are doing nothing but fishing for however long you want to stand in a game and fish but b) we already have options for catching fish. So what would be the purpose of using a rod? Are you expecting random “loot” drops from fishing? There is already way to many ways to gear up in this game without trying.

  3. Boats right now is just a waste of resources and time, have you explored the map? Its not wrapped, there is no “open water” to be heard of so you will end up with 100+ rafts in the jungle spamming the water.

No comment on animal levels,mounts and siege mounts

That is a terrifying thought

I like the boats idea. It would be neat if you just couldn’t swim with armor on or when your encumbrance is in the red. Right now you can over encumber yourself and just ferry all your stuff down the river. Boats would be neat to use instead.

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