I have a Kickstarter! (FROZEN DREAMS, fiction)

Morganey here, from LoMS: and, yeah, I have a Kickstarter. It’s a post-apocalyptic urban high fantasy pulp detective novel, and there just might be some people interested in that sort of thing. Check it out:


Putting up a widget so that I don’t have to keep spamming this with updates. As you can see, the Kickstarter for FROZEN DREAMS is doing very well. $2K and I do a RPG supplement for the world; $3K, and there’s going to be an audiobook.

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Coming into the final stretch! That audiobook stretch goal is 80% funded, and there’s now a limited international physical book tier!

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Three days to go before I stop blathering on about this! Just over $200 before the audiobook stretch goal!

Well, one last blather: the pre-order store is now open.