I have a question about player recreation

I want to switch the gender of my offline single player character. And I see that if I recreate my character I will lose everything. I wanted to know if I went in co-op and had a friend join my clan, then recreate my character. Will it still destroy my buildings and possessions? I’ve built a lot of villages and I don’t want to risk losing them.

Go co-op, form a clan, give your buddy clan control, leave clan, recreate character, get reinvited to clan and clan control back :grin:


@Mintman If on PC:
Install Fashionist Mod
Activate admin mode
Use cheat to give a mirror
Use mirror in inventory
Click button to change gender
Apply changes to character

Done (okay to remove mod afterwards if you wish to run mod free)

edit: Aargh. I just now saw the PS4 tag. Sorry, ignore my unhelpful post.

So I guess the Orb of Nergal or whatever doesn’t let you do this? I haven’t really messed with it very much yet since I’m pretty happy with what I created at the start.

Nope, once you’ve selected your character at the start of the game, they’re locked to that choice. Orb of Nergal allows almost all of the initial choices, but excludes changing sex or religion. Recreate character is the only option if you want to switch sexes.

Orb of Nurgal.
(I haven’t tried the gender change though).

As I mentioned earler, Orb of Nergal does not allow you to swap genders. The sole option to do that is to use recreate character (after giving temporary clan control to a friend, so you don’t lose buildings, thralls etc). OP is on PS4, so any solution that requires mods is out.

Well, I suppose that’s understandable and not really surprising. Swapping genders, even if it were possible through the orb, would more or less require recreating the whole character anyway since you’re switching the base model. But things like hair style or chin size or whatever are just playing around with the reference values so it’s a somewhat simpler and more straightforward process.

It’s a little like hamburgers and hotdogs. The basic condiments are mostly the same. If you decide you don’t want relish on your burger, you just scrape it off the bun and add ketchup or whatever. But if you decide you’d rather have a hotdog, you gotta start all over. (Sorry, had some good bbq for dinner and my mind is still on that at the moment. :yum: )

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It’s a good analogy though lol.

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