I have an old account but

Im feeling nostalgia for AO, and was thinking of coming back and see how its doing atm. Do i need to pay a sub to get back into my old account? I haven’t played in a while and I’m confused because I see two websites for the game any help is appreciated!

You do need to pay a sub if it was a paid account. However if you want to just check it out you can make a free to play account and play on the RK5 server. RK2019 is for paid only. I hadn’t played on RK5 in 3+ years and thought the population is higher now than it was back then. However be aware that many people encounter issues when resubbing and there is extremely limited support for Anarchy at this time.

edit: also worth mentioning the economy on RK5 is absolutely broken. Stuff that was 50m credits 5 years ago is now 500m.

Best of luck.