I have reached master mason

Further to a point I previously raised, I‘ve reached the level of master mason, but I still can`t build Turanian pieces. The feat is not accessanle either. In any case, there are several levels of mason before that. As I‘ve already said, I purchased the DLC, but the rest is unhelpful.

Just some thoughts: Do you have turanian armor/weapons available at Armor Bench/blacksmith? Is the DLC installed? Can you build stuff from other DLCs? Did you check the integrity of your game files.
Because, if everything works alright, activating tier 3 buildings should automaticly activate turanian parts. There is also the turanian work bench.


Can you post a screenshot of your building / mason feat tab? It will help us understand better the issue.


Okay. i’ll try to do that.

It‘s quite simple. I‘m probably answering my own question, but I‘m talking about the PS4 version of the game. As such, it isn‘t possible to post screenshots in the same way as you can on PC. Sufice to say, I‘ve reached that level, but nothing else is unlocked.

Stupid question but have you actually unlocked master mason or just reached the adequate level to do so?

You could take one with your phone :slight_smile:

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If you link a Twitter account to your ps account you can screenshot, share to Twitter than save to your phone and share from there.

I found that a good way to post screenshots from the PlayStation.
1.to take the screenshot with your console.
2.post that picture in a party chat on your console.
3.login to playstation.com, via computer or smart device.
4.open up party chat.
5.copy the picture you pasted into the party chat.
6.paste picture in desired location.

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Unlocked it. I noticed also that the other mason feats are highlighted, separately…

This is a strange one than. There’s plenty of threads online on reddit about the issue but they all seem to have success with physically looking in the ps store and activating a download from there. Maybe @Community can shed a bit of light on what may be happening to you. Sorry can’t be of more help bud, sounds very frustrating.

Well, players on this forum have suggested the mason feats page on twitter. Done this but yeh. Fustrating is an understatement.


Thanks for tagging @Darkzombie!

We will reach out to you in a direct message @Derrark12, to request further information on the issue. :slight_smile:

You can simply copy pictures to USB and Slap them on your PC.

Looks like Mayra got you.

But off chance, you bought all 3 tiers of Building sets, (Just foundations bits is enough(lv10, lv20 and lv30)
This will auto unlock DLC for use. (you may need to flip to another menu and back to register it. (or even exit inventory and open it back up.

I‘ve just restarted the PS4 as instructed, but the problem persists.i.e says Purchased, but no download button.