I have started my trip down the rabbit hole

Yeah, i like the animal idea. Baies seems a but…Barbaric :wink: I was thinking ofnthe delving bench but inly steel weapons. And instead of zeal, it is forged into Crom Steel Bars. Used to make Crom Armor, weapons (yes even Sword of Crom, but player version where stam usage is normal), tools. Things that infers doing things yourself, but more durable frommusing Croms Steel)


Update, nay have solved an issie with causing armor durability loss on enemy. There wasnt a stat for it in weapons data, but i know acid arrows use ot, so i am going to figure outbhow it works and add it to weapons. Why? Because it gives anoth variable for weapon usage. 2H hammer should cause more armor damage than daggers. I would scale it so each weap9n type is unique on a scale of 1 (current) ton100, with tiers figuring in as well. Sonstone daggers would be 1, Epic Hammer would be 100. Now a viable tactic is break the enemies armor to gain an advantage.


YES! This is what I meant about Contention. In my view, when a Clan has held all the areas in Contention for x days, the server is at risk of being reset. “When Alexander saw the breadth of his kingdom he wept, for there were no more lands to conquer.”


As a fan of all kinds of literature, I see a link to a Dickensian mindset. As you might know, Charles Dickens was an advocate of what we refer to as animals. He would prefer you call them creatures, as in “made by God.” We, to him, are the animals – animated mass with options, choices, honor, depravity, the whole lot.

To kill a man is, in many ways, and as is admirably written throughout his works – well killing a man is a two-part problem. 1) You did it, what’s wrong with you and 2) Why was he unable to defend his own life? From the observation point of a real God, this is a squabble among paramecium. Killing a Creature? Well you’re just mean.

In Barnaby Rudge, the idiot Barnaby is actually the biggest advocate for Creatures of them all, and in the novel his particular way of pronouncing the word creature made it sound almost honorary. And of course (spoilers), the protagonist’s sacrifice is what brought all the turmoil to an end.

I think a savage unspeakable sacrifice would put you on Crom’s speed dial. Totally approve.


Just figured iut what to use to generate crom Steel…uncraftable legendaries!!! And recipes for Crom leather.


Ihave statted my Crom.research, and have a question for @Croms_Faithful. Someninfo i found states Crom is sometimes shown as a crow. Not necessarily an avatar, but tied to it. Is this canon, or just post REH interpretation?

If canon or acceptable, i may be able to use it for some sculpting of his station of war.


Halting the project as far as creat8ng the ares etc, as the 3.0 patch is not out yet. Once that is out then i will be full tilt on generating the content. But using the pause time tonreally expirement with tricks and other things to knownwhat i can and cant do. So far have not had a major roadblock.

  1. Can create unique weapon traits as far as debuff to ither player.
  2. Can create mini build zones on camps.
  3. Can creaye new items.
  4. Can move recipes between players/station area.
  5. Can create icons for map, debuffs

Experimenting phase

  1. Blender to create a unique weapon set off of inngame weapons.
  2. New recipe system for armor…utilizing the hides and nit just leather…ie wolf pelt for a wolf armor, rhino for rinon armor, etc.
  3. Create new raw mats like mossy brick, red brick, grey brick, etc so you farm areas for the color of t3 building mats

I knownthere are some mods outnthere thatbdo dyeing of buildings, but usingbthose will limit certain ids, etc and make me boxed in to thier system.

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Edit…there are 3 mods i will need for my own sercer. Necessities really…
DM tools
and one that i have now that prevents building damge in a coned area.

Otherwise my mods should standalone for full pvp raid servers.

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Also located my protected “hotel” area, and have designed out yhe way it works.

Using the mod that protects building damage, a player only has to build a 3 x 1 x 2 wall and door, and they will have a room for a bed and a chest to log off. The size should give them a 1/4 the max server decay timer, meanig it is for a temporary rest and enjoy real life spot that will decay if they stay offline too long.

The server owner can dictate theirbown hotel.rules, but the hard part will be done in the mod.

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So uploaded my first ever mod…But just a very simple one.

Safe_zones. It is a small noob river island cleared and made for admins to let players build a 3x3 safe house on raid servers.

What do you envision here? A server operator will need to run:

  1. Mod A
  2. Mod P
  3. Your Mod B

Just so I can understand how the flow will be. Any other progress? How is the dungeoning?

that sounds about right. I would have to check, but i believe the 3 other mods i need dont do any asset stuff. But i would actually think because last loaded takes precedent, and pippi and dm tool use game assets the orser would be

  1. My Mod
  2. Pvp off mod
  3. DM tool
  4. Pippi.

But havent really look into it too much. Most of the times it is asset id sharing that causes issue. A few may use a bo from another mod, so again order is kast one overrides any shared bp/map/table assets.

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So pulled back on any dumgeoning, as 3.0 is still lurking, and am afraid to lose time repairing if it changes things too much.

so reverted to a planning phase…

  1. figuring the tier chart for my Armor Break debuff. Hot it working, icon and all. i created 14 tiers. where you lose.x armor per strike taken by weapon.
    0, 5, 10, 25, 50,75 low tier white icon
    100,125, 150, 175. mid tier yellow icon
    200, 250, 300, 400. high tier red icon

i have a graph where material and weapon type are charted. lowest to highest
1h spear, daggers, shield, 2h spear, 1h swords, 1h axe, 2h sword, mace, 2h axe, 2h maul
Materials are stone, iron, steel, hardened, dragon bone/star metal, khaei/obsidian/eldariun, legendary

I will be adjuating armor pen in reverse on weapon ttpe. Meaning sharper pierces, broader damages armor, so creates variations for styles.

Tied intonthat i am reod8ng armor recipes, whee metal, hide, and raw tyoe (fur, beat, wolf etc) play apart in thoer armor rating and durability. This will offsett the new weapon stat chart. I am in excel mode doung the dirty work so when 3.0 launches i can pluf in the tables and my formulas do thier work.

so bisy, but mainly in “tool” creating to implement all my ideas.

1 more note, i am creatimg only 2 mew resources, Croms Ore and Croms Leather. Where do you get them, from recipes you destroy. UnNamed city/ Delving Bench, Tower,chests (no mpre weapons in chest, instead a recipe to learn tha legendaty). Weapons will be written on the ore, armors on the leather. All formerly unctaftable weapons armor will require either the Ct9m Steel (Crom ore + Steel Bar) or Cr9ms Padding (Croms leather plus hardened leather). May also create a few Cr9ms Weapoms amd Sets of The armor as well.

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Those are all valuable additions. You know, you said you’d be stepping away from leveling because of the impending update. I misunderstood, thinking dungeons were standalone modules. Is there no concern that weapons may change substantially in 3.0, or will this auto-adjust? You always put a lot of effort into your sheets, and they often seem like “living works.” (Thrall Guide, eg)

Your barracks idea is exactly what Official servers need. A small rack room in a non contended area, or even a Squad Bay with foot lockers, standing lockers. Or even proper Quarters with doors and space. So many people want to have their bro jump back on but the bro is reluctant. If he could transfer his 60 from Server 1880 and put his ruck down, he’d be inclined to join a battle or two.

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Interesting fact about item count in the devkit. There are 4915 items. Of that 1100 are tied to pets (babies, tamed, attacks). Building pieces and consumables ate the next 2 > 700, then weapons and armor at about 600 each)

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I do have Safe_Island already out. Will updgrafr it with aesthetics. I may use the idea for an area to create a 0vp arena. Same idea, 16 barracks around a larger center where the admin can create there pvp arena. So players can show, use the batracks as a spawn point and have thier pvp games gear there.

And yes, i am designing a few “pvp quest” dungeins. But i want those to be badd ass. And i will need all this stuff on the foundation of those dungeons.

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Hey there @biggcane55. Now I believe you had a question my good fellow, and an answer is in order.

To be perfectly honest with you biggcane55 I have never heard or happened upon this before in either Robert E Howard lore or Expanded Universe lore.:thinking: It may be worth asking you friend or correspondent where he has heard this from. It is not that I am intent on disproving his claim. But rather he may have happened upon something which I have missed, and if that is indeed the case I would love to not only read it myself, but even add it to my Crom thread.

If you are looking for a physical depiction of Crom for use on a shrine or altar, or to forge a theme, then there are a couple ideas I pitch your way. One is simply that of a grey bearded warrior. Another is Crom has been known to hurl both star metal meteors, and especially lightning. When he came to power and defeated Shuma Gorath Crom manifested as a storm cloud and he enveloped the demon in lightning, imprisoning him within his great mountain of Ben Morgh. Years later when two sorcerers intent on freeing the demon approached his mountain he unleashed a freezing blizzard then struck a large boulder with lightning, burrying them both under an avalanche. And a new one courtesy of JJDancer, I am informed that a Mitrean priest intent on executing a captured Conan was struck in the chest by lightning and killed, believed to be from Crom. Croms afterlife is also described, in Howard’s own lore as as a bleak grey realm of of swirling icy winds. So lightning and storms seem to pop up often. But then in a final take, Conan often descibes his gods using terms such as Crom and his “brood”, “devils”, “dark sunless race”. So it may be that he actually looks like something quite horrific or even ‘unholy’. My apologies, I know I have just bombarded you with much information, and very heavily summarised at that.

But I would again gently remind that this is your work of creativity biggcane55, and I do not want to disuade you from your own vision. And if you feel that a crow is a good fit, then I would say go with it. :smiley:

2835853997\Conan_Conquest.pak overrides funcom asset ( 8 ):


So first off, I’m guessing M_Invisible_01 is one not supposed to be there. So that needs cleaned up.


Probably can be done with a mod controller, depending on what you are doing.


Definitely doesn’t need to be there, a mod controller could handle that one for sure.


This one is less of my area of expertise, but there are “Mod_Camps” in the devkit so that you don’t need to hard edit terrain. If you are only ADDING, then its the most efficient way for yourself (maintenance) and others. If you are needing to actual EDIT the height map, then ya then what you did here would be the only way to go about doing it.

If you are unfamiliar with mod controllers, that’s normal. Every new mod creator learns about them and their usefulness. Here are some resources to help you out.

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