I have the "Angry Feet" achievement, should I also have acquired Talos Lore 11?

I do not really understand how one should get Talos Lore 11 - from what I have heard, one gets it automagically when getting one of the shards for participating in Angry Feet.

However, while I have Angry Feet, I do not have Talos Lore 11.

Time to petition, or did I miss anything?

PS: this single shard was the only one I got during the whole event, despite killing at least one Golem every day. RNG achievements suck anyway, with this kind of tuning of probabilities, it’s imo really a design desaster.

If you got the Agitated Shard, that one is bugged and fails to give the lore. Petition a GM in game if they can give you the lore, just explain that you have the Angry Feet achivo, and as such should have gotten the lore.

Will do, thanks much.

In case anyone else has the problem, to be sure: you don’t need to have the Angry Feet achievement, just the Agitated shard.

How do you even get Angry Feet when you only got the hypermegagiga common shard? I have the problem on one character and when i send her scouting Agarthas, she found about three of those squatting out at any given time :frowning:

Very true, each of the shards used in Angry Feet, should give you lore 11, as soon as you get the shard. No need to actually do Angry Feet. Only said that in this case, as i assumed Sethra doesn’t have another shard on them, as a way to prove that they should indeed have gotten the lore. If you ahve the achivement Angry Feet, then you obviously had a shard at some point.

GMs have some way of knowing if you’ve ever had an Agitated Shard; I got the lore even though I destroyed my Agitated to clear up inventory space (cause it was obvious I would never be able to summon w/ it)

Is that a thing, Onevia? I deleted my Agitated too, never got a second shard. I’m not overly concerned, though.

Well if you ask, the worst that can happen is that they say they can’t grant it to you if you no longer have the shard…