I hope this carries over

… when we finally get the Rocket Launcher as our tenth weapon.


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Has anyone tested this for the spade / boxing gloves / broom yet?

Yeah, someone posted to that effect in #Sanctuary a while ago & I managed to confirm it yesterday by the expedient of saving up mission turnins until I had the thing equipped during Wrath of the Dawn. idk if OP did it the same way or just got enough from mob kills (while only one mob in each of the Blooded packs in the Favoured area gives XP, all the mobs in the Foundling area give the normal XP and you can pretty much one-shot a pack with the launcher’s basic attack).

Yep mines up to level 7 now. Rocket Launcher OP

Correct. I noticed it the first time and just tracked it in the chat window ever since. Not hat it will ever matter but I normally save missions for turn in while i have the rocket launcher equipped.

I got lvl 2 just from killing packs from quests. Got it before getting blooded achievement while only doing normal run on wrath, no farming/pausing or anything.

Even from data mining there is no “hidden” weapon page or anything that would suggest such thing. But I guess it “needs” to be a weapon to go into slot and have specific animations.

The spade thing is hammer type, it’s unlikely it would have it’s own group. Same as all other items you equip and have skills.

It is amusing how you hold onto hope. I just don’t see it as feasible because you’d need 15 abilities for the rocket launcher.

Not really. Make it a ‘secondary only’ weapon and it doesn’t really need to offer more than it gets in the mission.

Same for all old auxiliaries.