I hope this is a bug Khitan building supplies


Game mode: solo/co-op PC
Problem: Misc
Region: NA

Khitan Roofer unlocks at level 25
Requires Khitan Mason which unlocks at level 30
and Master Roofer which unlocks at level 35

Khitan Fence Maker unlocks at level 26
Requires Khitan Mason which still unlocks at level 30
and Master Fencer which unlocks at 36

Seems to me that the Khitan Roofer and the Fence Maker should unlock at 36 because the cannot be unlocked until that point for the requirements.

When a game is great value for money..a positive story of my journey so far with CE

Pretty sure someone mis-entered the level req when putting those in. Or they USED to be T2 pieces sometime in early development before it was decided to make them T3, and they forgot to relabel/move stuff…because the pieces in question have T2 HP.

Either way, apparently, there’s been a re-pass on Testlive, so wait for that to roll out before reporting it further.