I immediately dislike Battle-Pass and miss DLC

I think it is a valid suggestion that there be a disable popup notifications for battlepass game setting. Seems totally reasonable.


Well that’s hopefully about what the chapter 2 will be… New interesting things to explore. And also some map extensions, for which we have to wait, but I am ok with that.

By the way, the first more expensive thing I’ve bought on Bazar were Flamboyant feasts. That’s because I like to build pubs and places for everyone, and this one just was must to have. :blush:

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If people split the money they spent on the game by the number of hours they had fun playing it, they would realize they are almost being entertained for free.
But most people don’t do that. Then they go and gladly pay much more expensive entertainment after complaining about Conan’s bazaar prices. Most people do suck at finances. That’s why they are broke. I don’t want to sound harsh or petulant, but everyday, every freaking single day, I see people who can’t, throwing money down the drain. It’s a fact of life.

I hate how correct your second paragraph is.

As for the first…
If we are going to commoditize time (which we must with any drudgery reward system), in addition to the value of entertainment, we must deduct the times the game is annoying, crashes, reloads, causes frustration, ect…
Once we add the irritation into the equation, it looks a touch different.

The Battle Pass was good by the standard of Battle Passes.
However, that is damnation by faint praise.
Like calling something the shiniest of turds.
Many Battle Passes offer meager reward for what amounts to a second job.

The Battle Pass is pathetic value compared to what players of this game may be accustomed to in this game (Culture Pack DLCs).
However, the DLC packs were extremely good value. A good deal at twice the price. Perhaps that is why a new method of monetization was needed… or one of several factors.

This is where the disconnect seems to be. Those who play other games with Battle Passes.

How valuable is time?
This one’s time is worth, at minimum, Conan Exiles Complete edition to even rise from bed. That’s the minimum for a consultation, and is close to the friends and family rate.
Others are worth maybe a DLC pack an hour.
Some may not even be able to commoditize their time. This may be due to lack of understanding their own worth or lack of anything marketable. Many universities offer guidance counselors who will lead marks into debt in exchange for wall hanger degrees. Very sad, but tangential to the point at hand.

For recreation, some people enjoy, or at least accept, being told what to do. This one has an associate who tells people what to do professionally. She makes an extremely good living off this. People pay her to bully them. So there’s definitely a market for recreation that is… Structured… Some people have no idea how to amuse themselves and find sandbox games almost existentially horrifying. Yet others want to feel like they are being rewarded for their obedience or efforts. Reward that perhaps they lack in their day job.

Ramble ramble.

TLDR; It’s very good for a Battle Pass
Not everyone who likes this game will like Battle Passes. The same as a few months ago.


It concept it works…

Its mostly filler items, and none of it stands out… I’d have to hope next one has items I want.
Its value is gonna take abit to show up for me. Doesnt help I’ve never finished 1st one.

Ps4 version runs like …junk. Not fun to play.

Bazar angers me to no end… We called out high prices in beta version as being to high.
They seemed aware… “place holders” and they ended up being real prices.

Theres been some cool stuff. I wanna support Funcom to help make game better… I’m not paying those prices. Ever.

If I won Lotto… I would not pay those prices. I would Buy Funcom out, Fire there Monetization Expert into Sun. And rebuild CE as CE-II and try a halfway decent cash shop. (or If I was rich enough…hand out free updates with some payed DLC to keep lights on. )

But hey… thats just a pipe dream. =p


I don’t know what kind of business you’re in, but I’ll have it! :smile:

I understand what you’re saying, but they need to make a profit. It’s not optional. The previous model was not sustainable. They were bought by a very aggressive shark. We are having it easy, believe me.
This is better than Funcom going bankrupt. Is it what we all wanted? No. Could it be much worse? Definitely.
Can it be improved? Most likely. Will it be improved? Hardly. Why? Because it works.

And you would file for insolvency in 5 years, probably less. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Tencent isn’t a shark because they don’t know how to hunt.

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There’s a few things that annoy me about BP and the Bazaar. 1.Regional prices, some items are stupidly overpriced compared to other games. For 15 bucks Aud I can buy an armour set, weapon set, mount, bird skin, drakkar skin (sails, hull, shields, figurehead, tailpiece) and 4 settlement items in AC Valhalla. Alternatively, a large meal at KFC. Funcom wants 1800 Crom coins for fake food. 2. BP is annoyingly grindy and the decent stuff is all paywalled. 3.FOMO.

Do you want the truth of it?
This one’s side consultations involve pet wellness. This one is still mildly surprised it became such a good job. But it’s a matter of the demographic of the pet owners. In a canine obsessed community filled with people who comfortably own a couple homes in the current market… Those who want a premium experience for their Furbabies are fairly plentiful.

As far as how many Battle Passes resemble a second job… Data entry/QA. Repeat this mundane task in a game ad nauseam.

And yes, they absolutely do need to make money. The BP isn’t really a big cash cow tho. A potentially one time $10 or even $10/3 months is back to DLC pack income.


I have to agree with @LostBrythunian. The Battle Pass rewards are “meager” to use his words. If you look at the 60 rewards, there’s two armor sets, one or two building pieces that might be worth getting, several different colored versions of the same torch, a bunch of emotes which single players most likely wouldn’t use, and a bunch of one-time use orbs/portions with sorcery effects. The orbs/potions weren’t even recipes that could be shared across characters like the other rewards in the BP.

I finished the BP on the 12th, but haven’t paid for it yet because I haven’t decided whether the rewards are worth it or not. It’s like paying $10 for 60 gatcha capsules with a sticker or other simple prize in each. Are the contents really worth the cost?

I, like some others, would prefer to see and pay for higher value items, preferably bundled as a DLC. However, since since we’re stuck with the BP and the BLB, I’d say put the equivalent of a DLC worth of stuff in the BP, slap a $50-75 tag on it, and get rid of the 3 month time limit. Let anyone buy it at any time and finish it at their own pace. This would also allow players to use excess XP multipliers on other BPs after completing one.

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I have nothing against people playing and opting out of both the BP or the bazaar. Let’s get that out of the way.

One of the things I like about both, is that they are not only fully optional, as you don’t need them at all to satisfactorily play the game.

I think you could also have the option to buy the entire BP rewards. The current Premium had nothing premium about it. That’s why I didn’t buy it.

The game received plenty of new content in this update. So much stuff was touched, that I’m surprised they didn’t break the game even further. They do need to work on this. There’s a lot of bug fixing to do and they better get to it fast. Especially on Playstation, the game suffered a lot. Those fixes need to roll out. Once bugs are fixed, everyone gained.

The prices are always subjective. It deppends on how much value players place on the stuff they sell. What is expensive for John might be a bargain for Jack.
I do think they are a bit on the expensive side. I buy stuff to help the game and because some of the stuff is really well designed.

The point that I made is that overall, this is cheap entertainment. Very cheap entertainment. The amount of hours it gives for the money we pay is astonishing. I don’t like to pay 100 euros for a deluxe edition of a game that I’ll play for a week and probably will never play again. But the replayability of this game is imense, so if we split what we payed for the amount of hours it entertained us and then compare it to going to the movies, dinning out, going to a club or even buying those games you finish in a week never to touch again, you will see that you got plenty of value for what you paid.

A few years back, influenced by my bother’s craziness, I went to see the F1 grand prix. We were in Dubai doing business. In three days I melted enough money to buy a car, and not an average one at that. At the final, it all left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t particularly like F1, I don’t like Dubai, I don’t like those parties and I could have worked the same from the space I had rented there for two weeks with the same results. So, I considered it a waste.

My brother (we’re twins, although dizygotic) thought it was money very well spent because in the end we made a good deal with our guests.

Here it’s the same. What some see as a waste of money, others see as a good investment and it can differ as much as both mine and my brother’s perception about that week. What has no resemblance at all is the price per hour of entertainment, as Dubai overall charges absurdities to keep you happy. :wink:

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Just an aside, before the nerf, those thunder storms in a bottle were supremely impactful in PvP.
However, they were part of the toil alone portion of the Pass, so there’s that

I agree from the perspective of time versus cost, CE is cheap. However, other than weapons, armors, and building pieces, a player is likely only going to use placeables for a couple of weeks at most, emotes likely for only an hour.

In terms of entertainment, there’s also the perspective of other benefits received, not just time versus cost. For example, my wife and I went to a concert last November. It cost us each 10,000 yen, or approximately $75, and lasted only 2 and a half hours. However, we both have the memory of spending time together in her home country listening to a band we enjoy. I will continue to treasure that memory as long as my memory lasts. Your brother may feel something similar for why it was worth it going to the Grand Prix.

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I asure you I will be using them for months, years if they fix the game.

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It’s a lifestyle for him. An expensive lifestyle I had to have for many years that I don’t appreciate in the slightest. He would probably bitch about the bazaar prices. But then again, he isn’t a gamer. :wink: (he would have troubles just navigating the map. Totally a lost cause! :laughing:)

So it was cheap. You will enjoy those memories for a lifetime. I wasn’t referring to quality entertainment. :wink:

You are basically mirroring everything I ever said when the BP and bazaar came out. Spot on.

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I’m glad you’re a statistical outlier and can use these items for potentially years. However, that’s why I said “a player is likely.” Generally speaking, not all players have your passion.

Well @Ciero9 , Conan has a rather loyal community due to the high replayability of the game. I might not be so far from the medium as you imagine.

This battle pass is a complete joke and is taking advantage of the honest gamer, who can afford to constantly pay those sort of prices for this! If they were available via dlc cosmetic pack id cut my hand off for them but i will not pay for constant crom coins you are all taking the piss out of is now. I thought FunCom was better than this, just keep lining your pockets while we struggle to survive in this current world we live in.