I just downloaded the game but it doesn't start

says fatal error FileC: blablabla Line : 3867
Trailing magic number (0d) in blabla is different than the expected one. verify your installation.

does it mean that i have to download 100gb of files again? intensive eyeroll

what platform? steam, egs, game pass?


Step one would be to verify the integrity of your files on steam.

Just hover your mouse over the game in your steam list, right click, select properties, local files, and you will see this.

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What JJ Dancer said. It’s even in your error message. You even quoted it.

Verify Installation.

Another thing could be mods out of date, if you have any downloaded.
If yes you have mods, try disabling them.
If no then disregard this suggestion, and do what JJ and Multi said.

Just restart your computer.

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