I just had a crazy idea

I was just thinking about how cool it would be to have decorative crucifixes and the ability to put thralls on them. Does anyone else think so or would crucifying your enemies not be a welcomed addition to the game?


It certainly fits the Barbarian theme, we did start on why so I see why not


There’s a mod for that.

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Mods are for the weak


I’d love to have that, or even replicas of the stakes with skeletons on them that are in the starting area.


If your on PC

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Well, pardon me for trying to help you out… it’ll never happen again

It was a joke. Mods aren’t really an answer though because consoles can’t be modded meaning not everyone has access to them

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Sure, Im always up for more gore and brutality on the game! :smiling_imp: :metal:


You know that i love your posts and your ideas and you are right in the fact that consoles need more cool stuff like mods on pc have. Still i think you were a little rude to our friend @Buri and he/she deserves a proper apology. As i said to the beginning, great fun of your posts and ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

It might be more helpful if you mention that in your original post so people do not suggest mods. :wink: I know you play on console due to your awesome Cosplay Armor thread but not everyone knows you. That being said, a suggestion thread should generally be treated as something to be added to the base game, not to a mod. And the more we have access to in the base game the better!


I will apologize for failing to communicate but I will not apologize for hating mods.


…which makes no sense. maybe you can’t use it or want stuff added to the base game but in this context mod hate still makes no sense and is a lame excuse for bad behavior :man_shrugging:

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What makes no sense about hating mods? They are either made so people can auto-clicker their way through a game because they can’t be bothered to actually play it which defeats the purpose of playing a game in the first place or they are made to turn a game into something else entirely at witch point it is basically just plagiarism masked as fandom. Mods make games worse by making them so easy that they are pointless why would anyone not hate them. As for poor behavior there was no poor behavior only poor communication.

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you play on console… without mods… it means you hate something you just don’t know? sorry but that doesn’t make sense :crazy_face:

but if it makes you happy… hate on

have a nice what ever :man_shrugging:

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Fair enough, thank you mine , still i hope @Buri will accept the apology.

Why am I arguing opinion with someone who has less debating skills than a 2 year old? @Testerle I am officially finished with this conversation.

@Berserk I can agree with you that some modes are made in that respect. Other mods, I have to disagree with. Take fashionish for example. All that mod does is give you the option of a vanity tab so you can wear functional armor but look like you are wearing something that actually looks nice. It does not change the complexity of the game at all and is hands down one of my favorite mods. Why? Because sometimes (ok always) you just want to look pretty while ripping your enemies hearts out of their chests. :stuck_out_tongue:


I spend a ton of time finding ways to do both without a mod so this just invalidates all that hard work. My biggest problem with that mod and the demands of people trying to make armor skins happen is that when you wear armor everyone can see what you are wearing and vise versa so a knowledgeable player can figure out if an enemy is wearing light medium or heavy armor and what stats that armor is giving them. As a result it avoids the ark pvp issues of people wearing armor skins on high level armor to make it look like they aren’t wearing armor and then abusing new players. The reason all armor sets have specific stat buffs and you can’t move stats or reskin armor is so you can look up the armor the other person is wearing and know what it’s stats are to tell weather the fight was fair or not.

TLDR no armor skins or stat customization is for pvp balancing

Okay Im going to try and play peacemaker between @Berserk and @Testerle for a moment here, even if it means putting myself in the line of fire. I can appreciate both sides of the debate here. As a ps4 player my exposure to mods has been fairly limited, and I have a fairly ambivalent and sometimes outright hostile view of many of the ones I have seen outside of Conan Exiles; I would describe many of them as ranging from mediocre, to uneccessary, to outright garbage! Some examples…? Okay there is a mod for Skyrim which turns all Dragons into thomas the tankengine, and a mod for for the Resident Evil 2 remake which makes the Tyrant-00 (Mr X) appear in a pair of underpants. To me these ‘mods’ are nothing but stupid childish garbage, which would be lucky to make a 7 year old laugh for a whole 20 seconds before the novelty forever wore off. I will never understand why people would play such big, immersive, story-driven games only to paint all of that over with lame juvenile humor and gimmicks.

Now I have had a lot of fun watching Berserk work in his thread, and thoroughly enjoy it. And I understand his point that some mods trivialise the game and remove the challenge (eg- a sword which does 30,000 points of damage in one hit :roll_eyes:). However, Berserk I will say this to a forum friend. Some mods such as Testerles very own Fashionist mod offer great Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, and actually add in features which players have been begging for for almost 2 years now, but which Funcom have been either unwilling or unable to add up to this point! (No offence intended Funcom, you guys are great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) For example, Testerles Fashionist mod adds in the often requested Armor Display Manequinns, and the ability to change the clothing on Crafting station thralls (instead of them all wearing the same generic brown apron). Others mods add in a mirror which lets players change their Hair and Beard styles during play without recreating the character, or like Larathiels adds in Musician Thralls who play in-game instruments like the harp. Many modders put in hundreds, at times thousands of hours of unpaid work on something which is often free, purely because they love and are passionate about the game, just want it to be the best it possibly can. So Berserk while I understand your point and sentiment, not ALL mods are childish humor or designed to trivialise the gameplay and the challenges it offers.