I Just Had A Flash Of Insight:

I always loved Kaidan, even back in the old days with the Aegis System. From day one it seemed in some way familiar, even comforting, in a way I could never quite explain. It just made sense, warts and all.
I just figured out why.
I’ve been grinding out the Resident Evil 3 Remake for the last few days while waiting for work to start up again whenever they lift the quarantine. I’ve nearly finished and was looking through my older games for something I haven’t played in a little while. Another go round in The Secret World sounds about right. I got a little lost in my memories of the game for a bit, going through some old screen shots, forum posts, and such like.
I was watching a video of Uta Bloody Valentine when it hit me like a brick:

The basic plot of the Kaiden story arc consists of our character, a being whose defining characteristics are insurmountable regeneration, an inexplicable access to powerful, inexhaustible weaponry, and an inability to speak, is sent by a vast, shadowy multinational organization whose motives they do not understand, and who view them as little more than a disposable attack dog, to hunt down, over the course of the entire arc, a young woman named Valentine, nearly catching her, over and over again, as she accomplishes a series of objectives, while staying just out of our grasp.
We Are Nemesis


Next time I find myself in Kaidan, I’m going to shout out “S.T.A.R.S!” every time I see one of Lilith’s henchpeople.. :smiley: