I just had a quick question regarding a potential build location I would really like to build on top of

I’m curious the landmark on Siptah known as the Eye of Ekim is it okay to build here? I’m referring to building on the top of the archway, and bridging the gap that goes to the island beside it to build a isolated castle base.

If no one reports you and the Admins don’t notice it on their own, you’ll likely be fine. If it gets reported the Admin will delete it tho - as it’s a named POI.

As long as you’re not actually cutting off access to the map marker, I don’t see why not. Far as I can tell, there are no significant resources, enemy spawns, lore or recipe spawns, or anything else important enough to make any kind of fuss over. About the only thing there is the map marker itself.

The POI Protection system may auro-delete your base if you intersect a POI.

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I build there in single player / private server and can NOT recommend the location. The purge spawn points are messed up, and all purges I had spawned inside the mountain, in the sea or some other broken spot.

I was talking about building on the top of this Arch to the left and connecting a base to the island pillar.

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i have built right there, without any issues.

as for protection system, it will be wise to just do a NO build zone around those places, instead of just punishing people for building where the game allows you to. dont you all think ?

you get the landmark thing just crossing under the arch, or on top. (nothing of value is present there)

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You could build a beehive base there and let foot traffic walk underneath (no obstructions).

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