I keep resetting abandoned thrall wheels of other clan

Game mode: [Online |
Problem| Bug ]
Region: central is
A clan built right on top of my land claim couldn’t even build fence PCs on my foundations they have quit playing sense then all of there stuff has decayed except two small wheels of pain an two standing torches when I look at them with a repair hammer it says the clan name an 336 hrs I go off for a couple hrs thinking it’s a glitch come back check it again 336 how am I resetting the decay timer on there stuff ? Any ideas?

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.build a place ur going to add on to
2.let some trolls come along
3.build right on the land claim line
4.no there stuff is tied to my activity

I’ve seen it happen before with a buddy of mine who had a similar scenario of someone building close to him. Your building pieces are somehow refreshing there’s. The way he fixed it was to get rid of the items that were close to theirs. In his case it was just a couple braziers. Hopefully it’s not to much in your case.

Hey @Chaos31469

We’re aware of this issue and it’s up in our Trello board for our community to vote for it to be prioritized:

Thanks for your feedback.

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Thank u for the heads up

Thank u I’ll try tonight

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