I know it has been asked for as a non mod, but

Since we have faux taxidermy in game, they should use that as the base for mannequins that we can stash armor and weapons on. for RP great way to decor. For PVP, a way to have my builds armor and weapons wise 1 quick grab a way, and not in a chest having to scroll. Just a random thought of a wanted idea from a lot of the forum :confused:


Actually, it would probably be easier to repurpose some code from the Thrall system for this feature rather than the trophy-hunter one. At least, from the amateur’s perspective.

Agreed, I have never modded the unreal engine, I don’t have hd space right now.

But in skyrim mannequins are just retextured npc’s with their ai turned off.

Not to mention that this could be a good start for the implementation of decorative thralls, for the much sought-after City Life :slight_smile:

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Imagine locked armory rooms in dungeons, with armor and weapon racks having a chance to spawn high value weapons and armor :star_struck:


It really shouldn’t take much since the Thralls are already practically mannequins


I remember the first time I entered a room and I saw one actually walk onto its plinth, stare at me then strike a pose was a little…unsettling.

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