I lost with new Devs choices (stations, thralls, ect..)

Hi !

I just discover the new update and… I m a little upset for 2 points.

  1. I have see the new stations, but except take a lot of space what is the usefull ? For exemple what give the 2 new big blacksmith, the big cauldron or tanner bench ? For the moment I don’t have find how use them. I sure I have miss somthing but I don’t know what…

  2. Separate weapons/armor upgrade, alchemist and jewels crafting give 3 new bench for what ? I don’t understand this choice… Generaly I build small house (and I don’t speak about a small base in a small area, just a small cute house). There is not enough place for all stations (and I exclude the very big stations in this words) ! Why the devs have take this choices ?

The other change look good for game economy but some choice are strange and bench to big. An other point, why devs have keep T1, T2, T3 Thralls system ? Fighting Thralls can be upgrade by leveling and difference between T1, T2 T3 crafting thrall look like very insignifient… Why they don’t have keep only basic Thralls and named Thralls ? More place on the database and more visibility for player in game. I confess I totaly lost with this update…

PS : English is not my native language and I don’t have understand all the dev Stram about this update, maybe they have good raison but for now I don’t see what.


Space is now being considered a “commodity” for base building.

Improved benches have reduced “space” but craft at normal speed with normal amount of resources.
Large benches have increased “space” but can either craft faster with normal amount of resources or craft at normal speed with fewer resources.

Recipes are divided up to more benches now so that they are not “thrall dependent” and there aren’t as many to scroll through to find what you want. Recipe menus are a rather troublesome issue for consoles (so I’m told).

But it s a thrall based game why wouldnt anyone want thralls? why the need to break something that was not broken? this has been the way from day one NOW you change it WHAT! how about just make T4 thralls available. DONE

Thx Bodin for your answer

In Solo party I have test some stuff. I have see that quality of a weapon is depending from the thrall that crafting it.

In general the update is a good thing, but I think, personnaly that only one new bench instead of two would be better. If I have understand 1 reduce cost, the second reduce time. Dev could merge both in only one I think. Secondary (maybe it is a issue) the 2 last big blacksmiths (don’t know the name in english) don’t craft basic weapons. They craft only epic like star metal sword, but maybe it’s a dev forget.

Can’t wait for Ark to be like our dinos make our game so unique! Lets make them less useful and make benches our main focus instead!

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This dev team has a lot to learn from ARK or even its own modders, but they are completely blind to the needs and reality of the game. When I play the game, “Everything” feels redundant.
Legendary items, well meh, good but not ultimately necessary as enemies are not that tough.
Thralls? yeah, but you dont actually need the best.
Bosses? Strong mobs, no bosses in conan.
The harvesting of resources? No resource is scarce, everything is abundant.

These elements that make up the game are so, underwhelming, you don’t really realise if they are actually needed, or if you need a better one at all. There is no temptation of, “I really need this” feeling.

In ark, you seriously need certain things to actually SURVIVE.



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