I’m being stalked by a grey ones bow…….with no grey one…….i named It Gary

Soooooo i found a random grey ones bow hovering in the little desert inlet by sweet water lake

I found it kinda weird as no grey ones or npc are here and i travel this path daily multiple times, also i had no follower just my horse.

When i returned to my base i found that the grey ones bow had followed me home and had nestled in beside its fellow bows at the carpenters bench in my place

The bow seems non hostile and i have decided to name it Gary.

I hope me and Gary become good housemates


Strange - maybe Gary came from wherever my follower’s axe went?


Would he like to adopt Gary eventually? We all know how much zerkers love to pretend to be archers with their perks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gary is a freeloader. He’s gonna eat all your cheetos.


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