I miss the game I bought, it's not the same anymore


Feels more like a pokemon game now, I miss fighting things myself.
So I killed a rhino boss yesterday in Light armor with dragonbone daggers, it was fun until I got mowed down in 1 hit on my way back home by a player on a horse…
I miss fighting other players even if it went on forever until somebody backs down or runs away. Better than getting 1 shot by horses or thralls. Again.

Never thought i’d say it but I miss the old stacking, after a week my solo base is as big as a clan’s base used to be. Clan bases look like alpha and alpha bases take up half of the map.
There are literally map rooms everywhere why bother building my own, screw progression. Got the mats for like 5 of em though. It’s too easy just kill some corrupted beast and some t3 bearers. Can’t use them anyway.
Pvp reduced to camping obelisks, gank squads on horses and offline raiding.

Im not talking about bugs or exploits, those were in the game I bought…

End of rant.


I don’t miss the game I originally bought. While it was alot of fun, it was in no way as good as we have it now or have had it since 2018.

When I bought it. Archery wasn’t great. But it was the only way to kill certain things. Rhinos had over 40k HP and took nearly 10 minutes to kill. You couldn’t reliably melee them because they would just knock you down and stomp you to death. So you took several stacks of snake arrows and sat on a ledge and plinked away for a few minutes then fired once every 8s or so to refresh the stack of 100 poison (doing 100 damage a tick). Took forever to kill stuff that way.

There were no world bosses. The highest tier was hardened steel and shortly after star metal. No dungeons.

PVP was clicking people to death while healing yourself with a stack of food. No combos, no dodge roll. It was overly simplistic. If it wasn’t for the building system, I might have moved on before the combat changes with release hit.

Thankfully I stayed and saw the game get better with every update. Even the last update and Siptah were improvements. There’s some rocky points. But overall the stuff is a improvement. And will continue to improve once the kinks introduced are worked out.


Guess I got it at the “right time” think I started about half a year after console release, after the botched Halloween event and before stacksize changes the game was on its best imho.

Bought the game about a year ago. I’d gladly go back to what I bought, before the stagger and momentum changes. So I could go back to actually reasonably clearing dungeons by myself, instead of having to hide behind my thralls. The healing changes only made it even more tedious to fight anything that hits somewhat hard.

And now the economy update looks like it’s just going to make the last holdout for me, building, even more tedious as well.

I’ve just found myself using the admin privileges more and more (local PvE game), and I’m starting to wonder why I still bother if bypassing the actual game is the only way to still get enjoyment out of it.

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You are right OP. It does feel like the game we bought has left us and its not for the better. More make work activities and lengthening farming actions did not make this a better game and never will.


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