I need an outside opinion

What I do with toxic players who try to exploit if they break the rules I break their base and their bodies and leave them nude in the desert. I don’t ban them. Oddly enough those who have cheated or exploited who were not banned…99% of them leave my server. Instead of deciding to do the right thing and learning they run to discord curse me out… attempt to start their own server…or tell every remaining one I am evil.

Blocking obelisks and routes is 100% douche. Everything else the OP listed is fair play, imo. But, be prepared for people not to like it. So, whether it’s an admin on a private server, or an Alpha Clan on a public server, best to play by their rules, move servers, or face the consequences for what you do. All courses of action are acceptable.

Edit: I just read the post giving more details of the OP’s situation. Using glitches or exploits of broken game mechanics is also douchy. Be prepared for pissed off players wrecking your stuff if you stoop to using glitches to raid.

Here’s my opinion on the matter.

When you join a private server, the host is either running it off a machine they own, or one they are renting. In either case anyone connecting to that server ought to act as a good guest of the host.

It would be like if you were to visit a persons home or apartment. If they ask you to take your shoes off before entering, you do so. The homeowner/renter gets to decide what is appropriate and what isn’t. The same thing with server owners and renters.

These servers are NOT public. They owned/rented and the owner/tenant gets to decide what the rules are, and how they are interpreted. Our opinion doesn’t actually matter much here. The OP of this thread ought to talk to the admins of the server and get an outline of what they expect.

If that is not agreeable, the adult thing to do would be to find another server to play on. Too often people get used to skirting rules on MMORPGs where paid moderators have to carefully interpret the rules in a very specific manner as part of their job. And then they like to test admins on these servers to see how far they can get. Then cry when they inevitably get burned.

Just don’t do it. Play how they want you to play or play elsewhere. There is no reason for people to be juvenile about it.


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