I need Help / admin for 3030

This guy has stolen all of my stuff on a pve server, i need really help from a admin of #3030 PS4

Best to delete the picture. Naming and shaming will get you in trouble instead of him, plus the picture isn’t even work safe. Then just private message one of the community managers with as much explanation/evidence/proof as you can gather.

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Karma. GodsofExiles is the “black sheep” on 3030. Thinks that he’s the lord of the server. Got enough proofs :slight_smile: that he offends players, occupied much of land, ect. Greetz Budsmokers <3

Stop playing pve

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Hahaha like a little Girl…
Wir können ja auch mal gerne den Admin hinzuziehen! Dann kann er sich mal durchlesen was du so in unsere Richtung geschrieben hast! Es ist euer Server und wir sollen abhauen…oder meine Lieblingsstelle wo du uns als ■■■■ bezeichnest…und und und!! Ganz wie du möchtest…!! Wer Wind säht…

When did we ever offend Budsmokers? And taking land is not a crime. We are a clan with 10 members.

You have built a German swastika in your camp. You are racist towards other players.

If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.