I need help again

I am a Chinese server administrator.
My server is completely free for players to use.
Because of the well-known reasons, many players in our country are doing things to break the rules of the game.
So my server can only be PVE.
But in order to meet the requirements of players, I have been looking for some instructions.
Many instructions I know exist but I don’t know how to use them.
In our country, no one can help me, so I can only use translation software to help my international friends.

How to modify the growth attribute percentage of followers?(A few friends here told me that there was no such instruction)
How to modify the attributes of weapons in hand?
How to summon meteors?
Are there any other unusual administrator instructions?
If you can tell me, I would be very grateful.

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  1. There are currently no server settings for follower progression. You have to find or make a mod to do this.
  2. This is client-side code. You have to find or make a mod to do this.
  3. This can be done with the PIPPI mod.
  4. There are some server settings which are hidden in-game for a reason. They should be used with caution. You can find all server settings and their explanations for as far as they have been documented here:

I also recommend Pippi mod too.

You can have more followers with this mod [Better Thralls]: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=931088249&searchtext=better+thralls

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I only know how to do this with certain foods. Such as, giving your thrall gruel to eat will increase the chance for his strength to increase by an additional 14%. The suggestion @Berserk mentioned might work if you want them to level faster.

thank you very much

thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot .I know Pippi has very powerful functions, and many people use it in our country. However, due to language problems, many functions are difficult to use.

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