I need little help on something?

Dear Funcom
I have a Xbox and play on solo, I’m having trouble with my profile. Now it was working fine on 11/23/2020 and when I got on 11/24/2020 it was wanted me to make a new character. I don’t understand what happen, but can you shed some light on to it. I like know as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

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@1zero1ite since you play Xbox do you have any suggestions for OP?

Op on what items?

OP means Original Poster :wink:

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Ok my bad.


Evidently Xbox got a recent update he keeps being told to make a new character. I don’t know anything about Xbox I figured If you are playing you might know something. Thanks

My first forum I was on here quite awhile before I figured that out
Still working on others

@Mayra could you help our friend here. Xbox is out of my league.

Never heard of this happening. I know sometimes the game wigs out and wants me to reinstall it. But all i do is restart my xbox.

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Do you share your console with other people in your household? Is it possible you were trying to play on their account by mistake?

Nope, I have two gamer tags and they were both wipe out and I haven’t been on other for a while. I just made a new profile and start new character and this was today, and playing for a while it black out and went to the Xbox desktop, so I reloaded the game and it final got done loaded and it wanted me to make a new character again. So I don’t know wants going on, but I wish funcom would fix it.